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FIFA World Cup 2010Time really seems to be "flying" lately, and its hard to believe its already 2007. The 2010 FIFA World Cup is creeping closer, and we are gearing up to begin some major marketing strategies. We have a few marketing aces up our sleeve, and will reveal all when the time is right! Our aim is to bring in targeted foreign visitors to the site, who are looking to use the directory when planning their trips here.

We had a bumper season, and since starting the directory in September last year, over 700 travel and tourism related businesses getting in on the action, and listing for free with us! Thank you for your support, we are extremely glad to have you onboard!

New additions to the Traveldex website:

Cluster MapsWe are pleased to know that there is some interest outside of South Africa about the Traveldex website.
On the 9th of December we installed the Clustr Maps visitor location map, which shows where your visitors are coming from. The image shown here on the right can be clicked on for more details.
At the time of composing this newsletter, there has been more than 7500 visits since 9 December! For those of you who dont know HITS and VISITS are very different things, and its the visits that count, NOT the amount of hits! The location of each visit is based on the IP address of each and every computer used when visiting That is a great start to the year!


, South Africa and Tanzania were placed first, third and sixth positions among the Top Ten World Travel Destinations as determined by the vacation purchases of iExplore's mostly American "adventure and experiential travellers". Africa is thus well represented on the list. (view full article)

New External links on the website

We have recently added the icons for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund website, and the official FIFA 2010 website link to We are not associated with the EWT or the NMCF, but feel they are both a worthy cause, and feel its our duty to draw some more attention to them. We are also not associated with the FIFA world cup, but include the link so that visitors can keep track of interesting developments from FIFA about the 2010 World Cup.

New categories added to the website :

Thanks to your help and suggestions we created some new categories for your listings. Remember that as a member you are able to have your link in multiple categories, as long as the category is truly relevant to you.

  • Wine and Wine Farms - Thanks to the folks at for suggesting the category it seems to already be quite popular with the wine farms, restaurants and accommodation.
  • Weddings - This category was suggested as many travellers visit SA for their honeymoon or even to have their weddings here. (If your establishment is a great wedding venue, why not add your link here too)
  • Restaurants and Bars - This category, listed under the entertainment section of each region, is also becoming quite popular, although so far its the restaurants and not the bars that seem to be taking advantage of the opportunity!

If you would like to suggest a category, email us!

Google Adverts:

South Africa sunset
South Africa rockpool

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Recommended listings on

We have also started offering recommended listings to the members at a cost of R300.00 per annum. As a recommended listing the link gets pushed to the top of the list in the category, and the details page displays a large advert which we make for the member. The recommended listing does NOT affect your placement when a regular search is done through the search facility. To see an example of the picture, click here. For more information on recommended listings, email us! - The travel and tourism directory for South Africa

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